MG 21 - Single Chamber Series

The MG21 single wafer platform offers a highly flexible system in a wide range of wet chemical applications for front and back side processing of semiconductor wafers on a very low footprint. With plenty of available configuration options the MG21 platform targets process applications with low to medium throughput requirements.

Due to its modular and flexible design the MG21 platform is predestined for customized solutions and process applications exceeding the usual requirements such as ultra-thin, high bow and high warp wafer processing.

With its capability to run up to five process media on one platform the MG21 is also the ideal solution to establish new applications or to further improve existing applications.

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Key Applications

  • Silicon substrate thinning and stress relief
  • Film removal
  • Metal etch and clean
  • Bevel etch and clean
  • Contamination clean

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