MG Series - Single Wafer Wet Chemical Processing Equipment

NexGen Wafer Systems MG Series is a high flexible equipment platform that caters a wide range of wet chemical etch and clean applications for the Semiconductor Industry.

The fast growing market of sensors, MEMS, Power Devices, electronic filters and IoT (Internet of Things) products drives the manufacturing process for these components which requires several cleaning steps in the production cycle of these products. Aside Silicon there are versatile substrates such as GaN, SiC, LiNbO3, LiTaO3 and compound semiconductors that require high flexible, reliable and cost efficent equipment to produce leading-edge technologies. Our equipment provides a profound tool to help chip manufacturers to produce their outstanding products.

At a glance

  • Front side protected wafer processing
    • Bernoulli handling
  • Flexible handling and processing system
    • 51 – 300 mm
    • Ultra-thin wafer handling
    • Wide range of supported materials
  • Multiple recirculated process chemistries
  • Integrated chemistry mixing and analysis
  • Outstanding uniformity
    • Within wafer
    • Wafer to wafer
    • Lot to lot
  • Outstanding cost of ownership

      MG21 Single Chamber Platform


      MG22 Double Chamber Platform


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